Legion of Mario proudly honors the memory and music of Jerry Garcia. Special thanks to all of our  fans, old and new,  who have supported our project. Keep coming to boogie and we will continue to play from the heart with passion and a pinch of grace.

Lots of upcoming shows. We hope to see you there.

  Have fun!







Playing the music of Jerry Garcia...Legion of Mario is a live and improvisational band that plays the music of the Jerry Garcia Band, Jerry Garcia and the Legion of Mary in their own soulful style. We play all of Jerry's originals as well as the covers that he played from Dylan, The Band, Motown and more. Mario Saravia channels the guitar and vocals of Jerry. Doc Holladay brings his Hammond B-3 to life in a way that would make Melvin proud. Mark Ryan (bass guitar) and Andy Briefer (Drums) hold down the groove and keep the dance floor jumping. Our fan base continues to grow!

Upcoming Shows

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